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Ucluelet Private Suites, Ocean Views, Kitchenettes, Beaches, Wild Pacific Trail, Storm Watching, Private, Friendly Hosts, Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet, BC

Ocean Mist Guesthouse: Rates, Policies, Availability

Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet Private Suites, Ocean Views, Kitchenettes, Beaches, Wild Pacific Trail, Storm Watching, Private, Friendly Hosts

Ocean Mist Harbour and Garden View Rooms

Room Rates, Availability Calendars, Reservations
Uncle John Suite
Uncle John Room Suite, Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet, BC
Uncle John Suite - King size bed

Check Availability of Ocean Mist Guesthouse Rooms. Locations in beautiful Ucluelet, BC, Canada.Check Availability | Reserve Online!

Blue Heron Suite
Blue Heron Room Suite, Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet, BC
Blue Heron Suite - Queen size bed

Check Availability of Ocean Mist Guesthouse Rooms. Ucluelet, BC, Canada.Check Availability | Reserve Online!

Save $15/night on 3 nights+

Minimum 2 night stay

July 1 - September 30
$184/ night
Save $15/night on 3 nights+

Minimum 2 night stay

Save $15/night on 3 nights+

       Minimum 2 night stay   

November 1 - May 31
Stay 4 nights or longer
and receive 50% off 1 night

Minimum 2 night stay
Excluding weekends & statutory holidays
when a 2-night minimum stay is in effect.


Ocean Mist Guesthouse is obliged to collect 15% Tax
[ 5% Federal Goods & Services Tax (GST) / 8% Provincial Sales Tax / 2% Municipal Regional Tax (MRDT) ]
All prices are in Canadian Funds – Find a currency converter here
Prices are subject to change
All prices based on double occupancy.

Ocean Mist Guesthouse offers quality accommodation for adults aged 16+ years

Reservations are highly recommended
during summer season.

Ocean Mist Guesthouse Policies

Accommodation for Guests (16+)
• Ocean Mist Guesthouse offers a quiet accommodation for guests 16+ years.
Length of Stay Policy
• Minimum 2-night stay policy

Check-in / Check-out Policy
 • Check-in:  After 4:30pm – 6:30pm
 Please notify Ocean Mist Guesthouse if your arrival time will be later; if possible. 
Please do not rush to get here.  Your room will be held for you.

• Check out:  By 10:30am
Late check-outs are not offered.  Time is required to prepare the rooms to a high standard for the next guests.
Late departures may result in an additional charge to guest’s credit card.

Privacy Policy
To maintain your privacy, your personal and credit card information is not communicated to others.

Payment Policies
• Price
Prices are subject to change
All prices are in Canadian Funds

• Payments
Reservation amounts will be processed within the 14-day period prior to your arrival date.   
Please ensure you reserve with the credit card you wish to pay with.

• Payment Options
MasterCard, Visa & American Express Credit Cards  (credit-debit cards cannot be processed)

Cancellation Policy

• A 14-day cancellation policy is in affect
• Cancellations within the 14-day cancellation period are subject to the full amount of your original reserved stay.
• In the event your room can be rebooked, due to cancellation, early departure or unused days, you will be credited for the days re-booked, less an administration fee equal to one night’s stay.

Cancellations During Covid-19
• If government travel bans are announced after booking, that prevent guests from reaching Ucluelet, a full refund will be issued.
• In the event that a government order is announced to close accommodation in Ucluelet, during a guest's stay, a full refund for remaining unused days will be issued.

Consider a Travel Insurance Package to Protect Your Travel Arrangements.
If you are travelling to Canada from abroad; or are a Canadian citizen travelling within Canada (outside your home province or within), travel insurance (trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage) may enable you to recover non-refundable expenses due to injury, illness, family emergencies, or unexpected delays, etc.
Please Note:; Losses arising from known events such as an active pandemic will most likely not be covered. Speak with an insurance agent for coverage information.

Smoke-Free/Vape-Free Policy

• No smoking or vaping of tobacco or cannabis, etc. is permitted anywhere inside Ocean Mist Guesthouse, on the outside decks, or the exterior grounds.

Safety Policy

• Non Registered Visitors
To mitigate coronavirus exposure, no non-registered visitors are permitted in the guestrooms or on the outside decks, during this time.

• Candles
Lighting of candles is not permitted.

• Cooking
In compliance with local by-laws; no indoor or outdoor cooking appliances are permitted other than the appliances provided.

• Lighting & Electrical Appliances
Covering of lamps, TV, floorboard heaters, etc. with clothing, towels or any other items may cause overheating or a fire, and is prohibited

Fish Policy (Cooking/Cleaning/Storage)

• Fish / Shellfish
No cooking or heating of fish or shellfish is permitted in the microwave.

• Sport Fishing
No cleaning or storage of fish or fish gear is permitted in the rooms or on the outside grounds. Please ensure that you have made arrangements for storage of your catch with your fishing charter captain. Fishful Thinking – 250-726-2000 or Far West Foods 250-726-7767 / 726-4404 can vacuum pack and freeze fish.

Noise/Disturbance Policy

• Quiet Time Policy
Quiet time is between 10:00pm and 8:00am.

• Disturbances and Noise
Any noise or disturbance that interferes with the peace and quiet of other guests or others may result in eviction without refunds in accommodation charges.

Parking Policy
• Free on-site designated guest parking (level crushed-stone surface) is available to registered guests.

Damage to Property Policy

• Staining of Linen
Damage to linen including; towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets, etc., resulting from the use of body oils, make-up, shoe-polish, etc. may result in the need for special cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged article.  Please be mindful of these and similar products around linen.

• Hair Dyes/Bleaching Products
Please refrain from using hair dyes or bleaching products in your room.

• Wet Laundry Items
To prevent damage to indoor furnishings, hanging of wet laundry is permitted only in the bathroom or outdoor deck area.

• Damage Notification
It is expected that guests notify Ocean Mist Guesthouse, prior to departure, of any damage to the property or structure of Ocean Mist Guesthouse during their stay.

Pet Policy
• Ocean Mist Guesthouse does not accommodate pets.
If guests arrive with pets they will not be permitted to check-in.  Cancellation policy will apply.
If it becomes known during the stay that pets are in the guest rooms, decks or on the outside grounds, inside or outside of vehicles, guests will be asked to leave and remaining reserved days will not be reimbursed.

• Please note:  There are two hypoallergenic type dogs that reside at Ocean Mist Guesthouse; Jesse & Lily, who are beloved members of the Faulkner family.  The guestrooms are off-limits to the resident dogs.

Policy Violations
• Evidence of smoking or pets indoors, on the decks, or on the outside grounds; or cooking/heating of fish will result in a charge of $300 to guest’s credit card.

• Damage caused from deliberate, negligent or reckless acts will result in a charge to guest’s credit card in an amount equal to the cost to remedy such damage.  Every effort will be made to keep repair/replacement costs to a minimum.

Ocean Mist Guesthouse Policies are Designed to

Ensure the Safety and Enjoyment of All Guests

Thank You for Your Attention to These Policies

Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet BC, Uncle John Room Deck Ocean Mist Guesthouse, Ucluelet BC, Uncle John Suite Ocean Mist Guesthouse Blue Heron Suite, B&B Room, Ucluelet BC Ocean Mist Guesthouse Blue Heron Suite, B&B Room, Ucluelet BC

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